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For same-day lockouts or if you are unable to provide parking for the cleaner, a full charge for the scheduled cleaning will apply. However, all cancellation fees can be applied as a credit toward a future cleaning. There will be an additional $15 charge to cover the provider’s gas and time from the previously missed cleaning. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice (excluding same-day cancellations), there is a $50 cancellation fee, which can also be applied as a credit toward a future cleaning.
We offer a money-back guarantee and a 48-hour satisfaction guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. Our providers are thoroughly vetted, tested, recommended, and screened, giving you confidence in their reliability and professionalism. We have a 100% success rate in move-out clean deposit retrievals. Additionally, our service includes multiple checks and balances such as detailed checklists, walkarounds, and a robust notification system to ensure quality and consistency.
We hire San Diego’s top housekeepers, all of whom have a minimum of three years of residential cleaning experience gained through their own businesses, other referral agencies, or established cleaning companies. Our cleaners are background-checked, U.S. citizens, and English-speaking. They are industry veterans who stay updated with the latest and greatest cleaning techniques.
We kindly ask that you maintain a generally organized environment in your home to help our cleaners work efficiently. If clutter obstructs our ability to clean properly (as determined by our provider), you forfeit your eligibility for a refund or a re-clean. However, our providers will still do their very best given the situation. If you need help with decluttering, please give us a call, and we can include that in the cost of the cleaning.
We encourage you to conduct a walk-around with our cleaner both before and after the cleaning session. Please point out any specific areas that need extra attention. If you are not available for a post-clean walk-around, you may forfeit your eligibility for a refund or a re-clean.
We typically provide a two-hour arrival window for each appointment to accommodate any variations in the schedule.
We treat every home with the utmost respect. If something breaks during our service, we’ll do our best to repair or replace the item. Our residential housekeepers are fully insured, so claims can be filed when appropriate.
We understand that perfection is not always possible, which is why we back all of our work with a Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re happy to correct any mistakes at no additional cost to you when you contact us by the end of the next business day following your service.
No, you don’t need to provide any supplies. We bring everything required for the cleaning.
If you need to reschedule, please try to do so within 48 hours of your booking. We do not charge any fees to reschedule, but same-day rescheduling may incur a $15 fee if a provider was already en route or at the appointment.
Yes, we encourage it! Your preferences help us enhance your cleaning experience and ensure complete satisfaction. To make sure your preferences are recorded, we recommend calling us directly. Our friendly office staff will log your needs in your file so you don’t have to repeat them every time we arrive for service.
If the condition of the house is worse than described, the provider will alert their supervisor. We will then negotiate a price adjustment with you to reflect the additional time and effort required for the cleaning.
To prepare for a move-out cleaning, make sure to remove all personal belongings from the property. This includes furniture, decorations, and items in cabinets, closets, and drawers. Defrost and empty the refrigerator and freezer, and disconnect any appliances that will be left behind. These preparations will allow our cleaners to focus entirely on deep cleaning the space, ensuring it is left in pristine condition. If these steps are not completed beforehand, our providers will still clean to the best of their ability, but you will be charged in full and will forfeit the opportunity for any recleans.
Our cleaners will not lift objects over 20 pounds. If you would like areas behind heavy items such as refrigerators, couches, or other furniture cleaned, please ensure these items are moved prior to the cleaning appointment. This will allow our cleaners to thoroughly clean those areas.